PhD student

I'm generally interested in the evolution of sociality and network organization in ants. During my PhD, I'm going to work on disease transmission and immunological properties of social networks. I received my MSc from both Groningen University and Montpellier University as part of the joint master programme MEME in Evolutionary Biology. I worked with ants for both my bachelor and master thesis at the laboratory of Prof. Juergen Heinze at Regensburg University (DE). My first experience was on reproductive division of labor in clonal ants, while more recently I worked on gene expression in diphenic males.


2017 - 

University of Lausanne, Switzerland

PhD student

2014 - 2016

MEME Erasmus Mundus Master in Evolutionary Biology, Groningen University (NL) and Montpellier University (FR)

MSc 1st thesis: ‘Male reproductive diphenism and testes degeneration in Cardiocondyla obscurior’, Regensburg University (DE), supervised by A. Schrempf and J. Heinze

MSc 2nd thesis: ‘Investigating the population structure of microsnails with a genetic approach’, Groningen University (NL), supervised by K. Hendriks and R. Etienne

2010 - 2013

University of Genova, Italy

Bachelor Degree in Natural Sciences​


BSc thesis:

‘Proximate determinants of reproductive division of labor in a clonal ant Platythyrea punctata’, supervised by L. Galli, A. Bernadou and J. Heinze

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Experimental Epidemiology