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{Anna Schroll}

We are interested in the causes and consequences of behavioral diversity and plasticity, with a particular focus on the impact of social behavior on disease spread. We seek to understand how individual traits, the social environment, and the epidemiological context shape individual and collective behavior.

Our research combines laboratory experiments with live ant colonies, computational analyses of individual and collective behavior, and molecular approaches in a uniquely accessible and genetically tractable social insect, the clonal raider ant. 


The lab was awarded a 5-year Eccellenza grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation to study the link between social group composition and disease dynamics in the clonal raider ant


A new project on experimental epidemiology in clonal ants was awarded an ERC Starting grant. PhD and postdoc positions will be advertised here soon!

We moved! Since August 2021, we're now based at the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology in Jena


{Sebastian Reuter}

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