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Postdoctoral researcher

Interested in the behaviour of ants and how they use their refined sense of smell, I joined the Ulrich lab in 2022 to study brood care in the clonal ants. During my PhD, I studied the learning and memory of ants, and tested if they could be used as bio-detectors of human cancer. More specifically, I trained ants to associate the volatile compounds emitted by cancer cells to a reward, and see that ants were able to discriminate cancer samples from cancer-free ones based on olfaction. I also used chemistry tools to identify the compounds.


2017 - ​2021

University Sorbonne Paris Nord, France

PhD student with Prof. d'Ettorre and Dr. Sandoz 


"Olfactory detection of human cancer by ants" 

2015 - ​2017

University of Tours, France

Masters degree “Behavioural Ecology, Evolution and Biodiversity”

1st year MSc thesis: “Morphologic characterization of six populations of a thermophilic ant, Aphaenogaster iberica, regarding the altitude”, University of Tours, supervised by Ph.D C. Sanchez and Prof. R. Boulay

2nd year MSc thesis: “Associative learning in an ant species (Formica fusca): memory and extinction”, University Sorbonne Paris Nord, supervised by Prof P. d’Ettorre and Dr. J.-C. Sandoz


University Sorbonne Paris Nord, France

Postdoctoral fellow with Prof. d'Ettorre

2012 - 2015

University of Tours, France

B.Sc. in Sciences "Integrative Evolutionary Biology"

2022 - 

Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology

Postdoctoral researcher 

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