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{Anna Schroll}


Postdoctoral researcher

Intrigued by the biological constrains and compromises that underly life, I joined the Ulrich group in 2021 in order to study the dependency between organized social-structures and disease-dynamics in ant colonies. In the past, I investigated the neural mechanism controlling locomotion in insects, and specifically the trade-offs among sensory-motor circuits of different hierarchies. Thereafter I explored locust swarms, experimenting and modeling the balances of behavioral stability and variability in collective motion.


2018 - ​2021

Bar-Ilan University

Postdoctoral fellow with Prof. Gil Ariel and Prof. Noa Agmon

2011 - ​2018

Tel Aviv University

PhD student with Prof. Amir Ayali and Prof. Hans-Joachim Pflüger (FU, Berlin)

Dissertation: 'Higher motor centers and central-pattern-generator interactions'

2021 - 

Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology

Postdoctoral researcher

2008 - 2011

Tel Aviv University

B.Sc. in Biology & Psychology with Emphasis on Brain Sciences

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