{Anna Schroll}


Principal Investigator

I am interested in the interplay between social organization and disease resistance in animal societies. I received my PhD from ETH Zurich, where I investigated the evolutionary ecology of disease transmission in a trypanosome-bumblebee system under the supervision of Paul Schmid-Hempel. During my postdoc in the group of Daniel Kronauer at the Rockefeller University, I helped establish the clonal raider ant as a model for the study of social and collective behavior. I then started an independent research group at the University Lausanne, which moved to ETH Zurich, and finally, to the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology.


2008 - 2012

ETH Zurich

Doctoral studies with P. Schmid-Hempel

PhD thesis: ‘Evolutionary ecology of parasite diversity, mixed infections and transmission in a social insect - trypanosome system’

2020 - ​2021

ETH Zurich, Switzerland

ERC and SNSF-funded Assistant Professor ​

2017 - ​2020

University of Lausanne, Switzerland

SNSF Ambizione Fellow​

2021 - 

Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology

Lise Meitner Group Leader

2012 - 2017

The Rockefeller University, New York

Postdoctoral fellow with D. Kronauer

SNSF Advanced Postdoc. Mobility Fellowship 

Women&Science Fellowship 

SNSF Prospective Researcher Fellowship