Principal Investigator

I am interested in the interplay between social organization and disease resistance in animal societies. I received my MSc from Lausanne University, where I worked on the sociogenetics of halictine bees. I then did a PhD at ETH Zurich, where I investigated the evolutionary ecology of disease transmission in a trypanosome-bumblebee system. During my postdoc at the Rockefeller University, I worked on division of labor in the clonal raider ant, before moving back to Lausanne as a junior group leader


2012 - 2017

The Rockefeller University, New York

Postdoctoral fellow with D. Kronauer

Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) Advanced Postdoc. Mobility Fellowship (24 months)

Women&Science Fellowship (12 months)

SNSF Prospective Researcher Fellowship (12 months)

2008 - 2011

ETH Zurich

Doctoral studies with P. Schmid-Hempel

PhD thesis:

‘Evolutionary ecology of parasite diversity, mixed infections and

transmission in a social insect - trypanosome system’

2017 - 

University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Junior Group Leader

SNSF Ambizione Fellow​

2001 - 2007

University of Lausanne, Switzerland

MSc in Biology, Evolution and Conservation

Faculty of Biology and Medicine

MSc thesis:

‘Social organisation and population genetics of the sweat bee Halictus scabiosae’ (supervised by M. Chapuisat and N. Perrin)


Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Visiting researcher with R. Gadagkar

Grant from the Indo Swiss Bilateral Research Initiative


Kyoto Univesity, Japan

Exchange student

2007 - 2008

University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Research assistant with L. Fumagalli and N. Perrin

The Lab of

Experimental Epidemiology