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{Anna Schroll}



PhD student

I am interested in the interplay between information flow, social dynamics, and disease transmission in groups.  I received my Master’s degree in Evolutionary Biology from the University of Groningen and the University of Munich through the MEME Erasmus program, during which I studied the breeding ecology of thorn-tailed rayadito and inbreeding avoidance strategies in spotted hyenas.


2018 - 2020

MEME Erasmus Mundus Master in Evolutionary Biology (MEME), University of Groningen (NL) and University of Munich (DE)

MSc thesis 1: ‘Egg size and nestling growth variation in thorn-tailed rayaditos (Aphrastura spinicauda)', University of Groningen and University of Chile

MSc thesis 2: ‘Female mate choice and inbreeding avoidance in a group-living carnivore, the spotted hyena', University of Munich and Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research

2013 - 2017

Southeast University, China

Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering 


BEng thesis: 'Genomics and computational ecology methods revealing climate adaption in Drosophila'

2021​ - 

Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology

PhD student

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